Tea, Food and Community

Tea, Food and Community


Passiflora Cafe, Tea Room and Herbal Shoppe
Upcoming Events: There’s Always Something Happening...

Sunday Local Music 1:30 to 3:30 pm:                     

9/17: CC Chet 
9/24: Howard Banow 
10/1: Julia Russo 
10/8: Danielle Emberley 
11/12: Podunk Throwbacks 
11/19: Danielle Emberley 
12/3: Cheryl Maust 
12/10: Andrew Biagiarelli 

Musicians, are you interested in playing? It’s easy to sign up! Just go to 
https://calendly.com/passifloratearoom, pick your Sunday, and enter your name. Then, show up at our cafe by 1:15 that day to set up your gear! We look forward to hearing your beautiful music!
Thursday Night Events:
Our hours extend until 7:00 on Thursdays when we have drum circle, or other special events which run from 7 to 8:30 (Non-listed nights we close at 5).
Drum Circles:
7/6, 8/3

Open Mike: Every Friday from 7 to 9 pm BYOB.


Nutrition Lifestyle and Herbal Education Wednesdays 


Nutrition Lifestyle and Herbal Education Wednesdays 6:30 to 9:15 Sign-up through Eventbrite or in Passiflora

 Mind Hygiene: The Mind, referred to Brahmi, in Indian philosophy, is only semi-charted for Western medicine. Think of all the people you know who are experiencing anxiety, depression, memory issues or sleep disorders. Are you struggling in your own life with these issues? I believe we need to create a culture where mind hygiene can become as a routine a part of our day as brushing our teeth.  Passiflora will be hosting a series of events on the mind: understanding what we know of its science and how we can apply lifestyle, such as nourishing food, exercise, meditation, stress reduction and sleep hygiene to the overall hygiene of the mind. How can we co-op this precious organ for our own day-to-day and long- term well-being. How do we create habits that cleanse and calm the mind? Each event will include a mind healthy, plant-based dinner, containing full-fats (such as avocado, walnuts and coconut milk). All meals will be gluten-free and dairy-free. 

In addition, we will explore the increase in autoimmune conditions and what is driving this increase, as well as how simple nutritional and lifestyle changes could dramatically affect the well-being of people living with autoimmune disorders feel each day.

Stress Reduction and the Mind – June 28th: 6:30-9:15 Total Cost: $29.00

This class will focus on simple pranayama or breathing techniques that help to reduce stress on the body and explore how can we take advantage of “Ultradian rhythms” in our delay work cycles. Also discussed will be: How we can soothe our nervous system with simple herbal nervine remedies (Our top 10 herbal allies that are easy to use), prepared as teas or tinctures.  We will even discuss the role of simple foot baths. Dinner: Kale-Avocado-Chickpea Salad with pepitas; Thai Coconut Carrot Sweet Potato; Chai Seed pudding with mango; Tea Pairing: Passiflora Joy Tea. Dinner will be served one hour before the event. 

Living vitally with Autoimmune Disorders – Wednesday, July 12th 6:30- 9:15 Total Cost: $29.00

This class will explore the work of Dr. Terry Wahls (The Wahls Protocol), who was diagnosed with MS and discovered ways in which nutrition, lifestyle and herbs could enable her to enjoy an active life with less or no symptoms. Let’s discuss the science behind what foods tend to help those with autoimmune conditions and those that should be avoided, as well as nutritional gaps to fill, how to cook some simple recipes and recommended herbs.  Dinner: Dill Lemon salmon with summer avocado tomato salad; chilled mushroom bisque; and maca cacoa cashew butter bites.

 Sleep and the Mind –  Wednesday, July 26th:  6:30-9:15 Total Cost: $29.00

The basis of this talk will be the latest findings about our brain and the lymphatic system, as well as the role of sagittal sinus.  We will discuss lifestyle, diet, meditation, herbs and teas that will aid in a sleep. We will draw upon the well-researched book by Ariana Huffington (The Sleep Revolution), as well as the finding that two sleep cycles may be of benefit to us. Dinner will include: Beet Walnut Goat Cheese Orange Salad with Lemony Tahini; Chilled Dill Zucchini; Sweet: Raw Cocoa Almond Butter Bite; Tea pairing: Holy Basil / Gotu Kola.

Memory and the Mind-  Wednesday, August 2nd: 6:30-9:15 Total Cost $29.00

What is the role of full-fats in our diet in memory? What are the most well-researched foods, lifestyle practices, herbal practices to protect our memory and allow our brain its greatest neuroplasticity. What supplements and lifestyle practices are most effective for preserving our memory. Dinner: Parsley Mint Quinoa Tabouleh with Walnut Tahini dressing; Paired with Herbed Falafel; Chocolate Avocado Mousse; Tea Pairing: Focus.
Mind Hygiene Tip: Begin each day with a 3-minute meditation in a calm part of your home, with a lighted candle. Breathe in: “I am” on the inhale and “at peace” on the exhale. Or substitute this affirmation for any other positive thought that resonates with you.