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Tea, Food and Community

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Local Art Gracing our Walls:

Deborah Velasquez 


Deborah Velasquez is artist-designer and author who loves the mix of design, words, art and craft. Deborah's work is modern, sophisticated, graphic and bold with a unique color sense and it reflects her love for the simplicity of line. She works in both digital and traditional methods. Her traditional work shows her love of gouache, watercolor, and printmaking. 

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Tom Cameron

Tom Cameron, an engineer almost from birth but with deeply committed roots in nature, found his camera converging on photorealism with a passion for many water related subjects – waterscapes, waterfalls, ice, fog, sunrises and all related creatures from water spiders to trees. Realism-based symmetries and patterns composed with textures and light are his compulsion. Most images are taken from his kayak at locations from Barkhamsted to Windsor. The result is an extensive catalog of predominantly realist art titled “The Farmington River Collection”. As a counterpoint, he also explores both “pictorialism” and abstractionism to move well beyond the genre’s ‘realist’ boundaries to challenge the viewer’s imagination. Macro, HDR (high dynamic range), dominant symmetries, captured movement, ‘saturation and luminosity painting’ and digital filtering are all methods he uses to produce a less literal and more imaginative view.

Images from this collection have been featured in many local exhibitions. Larger solo exhibits were shown in the Canton and Farmington libraries, Unitarian Society of Hartford, Matthew’s Restrurant, Spear Gallery at the Stanley-Whitman House (Farmington) and the Gallery on the Green where he is a member artist. Images from this collection were used extensively in the Upper and Lower Farmington River Wild and Scening Management Plans and Study reports and other river related publications. Tom’s images are often on display in the Market Gallery at the LaSalle Market in Collinsville.

Artistic Mission: To bring forward the deep art that light and water can engender