Tea, Food and Community

Tea, Food and Community

Local Art

Local Art Gracing our Walls:

We love to support our talented local artists, and appreciate how you brighten up our walls:

Elisabeth Moss ~ 

Is a Collinsville  artist whose paintings come from  an intuitive allowing  
or " felt conversation with the unseen”.   The journey like nature of her artwork
often creates an unintended but mysterious sculptural quality. 
Surrendering  the outcome is central to the aliveness in her creativity.
The imagery in her paintings often reflects a spiritual  sensibility. 
She facilitates  groups and workshops on Intuitive Visual Creating at her Avon office.
visit www.elisabethmoss.com for more info     " painting is a path to make prayer visible"
Donna Gentile~

DONNA GENTILE started making music and mandala art during a traumatic time and discovered profound healing. Today, she lives a vibrant life using her story of triumph, music and the mandala to help others on their journey to thriving! Donna has taught Mandala, Zentangle and other Meditative Art Workshops since 2004 in CT and New England at incredible organizations like CancerCare, The CT Women's Consortium, Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services, Toivo by Advocacy Unlimited, AIM for a Better Tomorrow, Farmington Valley Health District's RGH initiative for veterans & community, senior centers, schools, events, festivals, forums, house parties, birthday parties and more! Gentile is also a seasoned graphic/web designer, performing musician and loving mother.

Check out Donna Gentile's inspiring mandala art