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Deborah Koval

We are thrilled to be displaying Deborah Koval’s pastel art on our café walls this summer through the month of August. Koval is a local artist from Granby. She began to explore her artistic passion six years ago after her career with the State of Connecticut, inspired by an artist friend she had in her twenties.

Koval explains to us the technical side of her paintings as well as some of her inspirations to create:
Many people think pastels are chalk. They are actually pure pigment – the same pigment as oil paints – only in stick form. Others may think pastel paintings are really drawings but they are actually considered paintings. Sometimes pastels are thinned with alcohol and painted on with a brush for an underpainting; then more pastel is stroked on top. I have also become interested in using acrylic and watercolor. Stay tuned!

It’s nice to see how local businesses and land trusts are supporting local artists. It has worked to everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. I’ve been inspired by the natural beauty of the small towns in the area, as well as in my travels around New England. I often take photos that then become paintings. I am not experimenting with plein air painting (painting outdoors). Its definitely not as easy as it looks.

Koval has taken lessons at the West Hartford Art League for the past 5 years and has entered juried shows and exhibited at local art venues. She has lived in Canton for 27 years and has now been in Granby for the past two years.

We hope you stop by to see Koval’s art in our café this summer!

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