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Tea, Food and Community

Health Consultations

Ayurvedic, Nutrition, and Herbal Consultations
with Karen Tyson, MS, CH, MBA
Health is not just the absence of disease. According to the World Health Organization, health is a condition of optimal well-being. Wellness is obtained through proper nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle. Modern day stresses, seasonal changes, and life changes affect each and every one of us differently. Karen listens and works with you to create an individual approach to increased well-being that lasts.
She focuses on providing education and knowledge so you have the information and tools you need to take control of your health, on offering tailored cooking classes and diet plans so you can create healthy meals for yourself and your family, and on integrating herbs, teas and lifestyle changes seamlessly into your existing routine. Ask yourself:

Do you struggle with less than optimal energy levels?

Do you feel healthy overall… but want a tune up?

Are you taking more supplements than you would like and are ready to simplify?

Have you received medical diagnoses that confuse you or leave you feeling powerless over your own health?

Karen Tyson has her MS in Nutrition, Ayurveda Certification from Kripalu in Lenox, MA, and Herbal Certification from Herbalist and Alchemist David Winston. As your nutritionist, herbalist and Ayurvedic consultant, she offers increased balance, reduced stress, and immune strength for transitioning between the annual seasons and stages of life.
If you haven’t been feeling your best or want to ensure that you start the upcoming season strong and healthy, book a consult. Karen would love to help.  Your consultation can be in-person or on the phone. You will receive a personalized strategy that will simplify, harmonize and energize your life with tools that can help you reduce stress, improve your moods, crave healthier foods, and calm the mind. Take back control over your health. Age gracefully. With the rising costs of medical care, prevention is the best medicine for a healthy future.
For more information, contact:
Karen Tyson, MS, CH, MBA