Tea, Food and Community

Tea, Food and Community

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Friendly Bacteria In Your Gut? Why We Love Fermentation

Fermentation and Why We Love Passiflora's Tempeh Reuben

I can still remember that big vat of sauerkraut that my mother prepared, sitting on the back breezeway.  She was confident in her preparation which she had learned from my father's mother, an emigrant to the United States from Krakow, Poland.

Flash forward to 2014 and that vat of sauerkraut is truly the answer for our digestive, immune and mood issues.  Science has shown that friendly bacteria delivered in food can be readily understood by our body's Epigenetics, its gene regulation and gene expression.   In that vat of sauerkraut, raw and unpasteurized, lies the answer to our 21st century excesses: the overuses of antibiotics, stress (which has us in a continual sympathetic nervous system---"run from the tiger" mode), inflammatory diseases from our processed diet, and factory farmed meat.

Probiotics, friendly bacteria are contained in the following foods to name a few:

-Organic Tempeh
- Fermented Soybeans
-Greek Yogurt
-Sourdough Bread

These little critters outnumber our cells. and support our immunity, our moods and even our mental health.  Check out this article by Dr. Kelly Brogan on the wonderful web-site:


We are very excited that local farms in our area will be making artisanal fermented foods for us to enjoy, such as Serafina Says Farm in Canton, CT. 


If you want learn more about making your own fermented foods, check out the fermentation course by Summer Bock:


Back to that tempeh reuben, it is a fermented feast, made with Organic Tempeh, Sauerkraut, Sourdough Rye from Bantam Bread (Bantam, CT) and our own homemade Thousand Island, made with our Homemade Vegannaise! Enjoy---as you add your store of little friends in your intestines!


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