Monday, February 16, 2015

Eating to Balance the "Vata" of Winter in Connecticut

At the start of the New Year, was one of your resolutions to "lighten up"? Here in Connecticut, we are still in the heart of cold, windy dry winter. "Vata" is the Ayurvedic quality of lightness, dryness and coolness reflected in our winter season. Our diet anti-dotes to the weather are certainly not processed sugary carb-laden foods (they are never the anti-dotes!), but rather nature's bounty of foods that oleate and warm us. (Oleation is the Ayurvedic method of using ghee, sesame oil, or herb-infused oils internally and externally for greater well-being). Warming, slow cooked soups and one-meal dishes will reduce any extra "Vata" of the season that may be unbalancing to us. These whole foods serve help us feel more balanced and centered as we transition out of winter into spring. Eating with the seasons is good for our bodies... and our budgets.

What foods does nature provide us with to balance us during this season?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Understanding Your Adrenals For A Stress-Free Holiday

Does the following scenario sound familiar? The holiday season is starting and your urgent to-do list has a to-do list. Perhaps family drama is on that list. Definitely end of the year deadlines. Holiday parties add increased sugar and perhaps alcohol to your life which contributes to a lack of well-being and worsened sleep quality. Not this year! Now is the time, pre-holiday whirlwind, to enjoy the season differently this year - with less stress.

Breathe Through the Holidays

Breathe...Just Breathe
How simple, and yet we forget to do it.
Make it a practice to close your eyes and just breathe deeply. 
This is forwarded from Megafood, our whole food supplement supplier, and Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.
4-7-8 Breath
"The most effective anti-anxiety measure I know..." Andrew Weil, M.D.