Tea, Food and Community

Tea, Food and Community

Friday, January 5, 2018

Passiflora's "Start Fresh" Cleanse Menu 2018

Passiflora’s “Start Fresh” 
Cleanse Package for 2018

Each day you will get 16 ounces of each drink, 1 quart of salad, and 1 quart of soup. Add on tea and herbal sweet bites at an additional cost. Create your own menu for each day with all of our different options.  Two day minimum required to do the Cleanse.  Cleanse for 4 days and get their 5th day free or Cleanse with a friend and get a 10% discount! 

 Glowing Green” Juice:  A salad in a bottle: Brings you the best of leafy greens together with lemony goodness to energize, invigorate and lighten-up.  Contains: Organic Spinach, Organic Romaine, Organic Kale, Organic Avocado, Organic Celery, Lemon and Organic Green Apple. 

 “Beets are the Best Veggie for Your Liver” Juice: We have combined the sweetness of beets and with the spiciness of ginger in a base of coconut water to create a warming feel good juice. Beets are rich sources of folate and carrots are loaded with Vitamin A. Contains: Organic Beets, Organic ginger, Carrots, and Coconut Water 

Ginger Peach Detox Juice: We have combined warming anti-inflammatory organic turmeric ginger tea with the lightness and sweetness of peaches and raspberries. A bit of tonifying/rejuvenating dates are added for sweetness, with avocado for some essential fats, and lightness of cilantro for detoxing. Contains: Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea, Peaches, Raspberries, Avocado, Dates, Fresh Ginger and Cilantro. 

Soups: All soups are vegan and gluten free; and prepared with an organic veggie stock:

§ Broccoli Soup with White Beans (Puree) : Rich in pre-biotics such as garlic and loaded with the anti-oxidant- sulfur rich benefits of broccoli, and warming spices such as cayenne and warming spices. Contains: Organic Broccoli, Organic Yellow Onions, Garlic Cloves, Organic Veggie Broth, Cannellini Beans,  Lemon, and  Cayenne Pepper.

§Carrot Ginger Soup: The nutrient density of Vitamin A rich carrots, combined with the warmth of curry seasoning. Contains:  Garlic Cloves, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Ginger Root, Organic Veggie Stock, Black Pepper, and light coconut milk
Salads: Kept in a quart sized mason jar:

  Lemony Raw Beet and Quinoa Salad: Cooked quinoa, shredded beet, lemon juice, diced shallots, fresh dill, sliced green olives and topped with pistachios. Accompanied with a lemon and garlic dressing containing garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, and a touch of maple syrup.
 Massaged Pressed Kale Salad: Organic kale, red cabbage, carrot, red onion, beets, apple, fresh ginger, and lemon, with a handful of cilantro, and parsley. Topped with sesame seeds. 

Teas (Optional at an Additional Price): 5.50 Per Ounce (5-6 Cups)

Passiflora’s Organic Cleanse Tea: containing burdock root, nettles and to keep your system moving as you detox from some of the Holiday season excess. Contains: Echinacea, dandelion root, nettle leaf, chicory root, burdock, licorice, cinnamon, and orange peel. 
 Organic Turmeric Ginger Tea: warming and rich in anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger. Contains: Organic Ginger, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Turmeric, and essential oil of lemon.
Pomegranate Oolong: contains a bit of caffeine but the pomegranate supports the lymph system, while the oolong supports the metabolism.  One of China’s most famous teas, this oolong comes from Anxi in the Fujian province and is infused with the flavor of pomegranate. 
Lemon Balm/Chamomile/Linden/Passion Flower Tea: Drink a cup before bed to relax the Central Nervous System. Caffeine free.

      Price Options: 
Base Program Price of $29.99 per day includes: 16 oz. drink, Quart Mason Jar of Soup, and Quart Mason Jar of Salad (Two-Day minimum required to do “Cleanse”)  

Call our commercial kitchen Tuesday through Friday to sign up: 860-894-9956 or to send us an email at passifloratearoom@gmail. com to place your order. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Gratitude is the Best Medicine

Over the past 14 years, we are so grateful for all the times you have chosen to be a part of Passiflora’s community.
It reminds me that gratitude is a wonderful medicine.

Gratitude has the quality of being slow, deep and grounding. Gratitude can lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. It has an Ayurvedic quality of being “sattvic” or pure, making us feel more connected and centered which runs opposite to overwhelm, anxiety, stress, fear, envy, and stagnation.

Our life force energy aligns with what we focus on. When we slow down for a moment to express, record and deeply feel gratitude, we can feel our worries start to melt away, our anxiety dissipates and our grounded-ness increases.

In the moment of distresses in our life, it is hard to remember to express and feel gratitude. However, trying to incorporate it into a simple morning practice. Breathing (prana) and gratitude is a simple “free-bie” in life. Upon arising, find a quiet place and center in on the breath. Breath in “I am”, pause and breath out “at peace”, “grateful”, “abundant”, (you choose what you need). After a few of these breaths, envision 3 highly tangible things that you are grateful for: your warm pajamas, your ability to walk, a dear family member or friend, or that stranger that held the door for you.

Tell the people in your life that your grateful for them. Tell the strangers you meet when you are grateful for them. When I travel and I see other business owners that are brave enough to run businesses or a young worker that out of bed early to make sure I had coffee that morning, this gives me another moment of gratitude, a simple but powerful gift.

And remember that the simple acts of kindness that you show to someone can be their reason for being grateful today. Listen to that customer, friend, barista, elder folk as you go through your day.

Self-care is radical and empowering. 
Gratitude is an easily accessible form of self-care. It creates magic in each day!

Every time I walk into Passiflora, I feel so blessed to have had each of you in my life. 
Have a restful peaceful time with your family and friends
We hope to see your smiling face.
Karen Tyson