Thursday, January 14, 2016

Schedule a "Permission to Pause" Nutrition and Herbal Consult

Schedule an Ayurvedic, Nutrition, and Herbal Consultation
with Karen Tyson, MS, CH
Are you struggling with digestive issues, sleeplessness, toxic overload, or exhaustion or other health issues? Do you need a self-care, nutrition, lifestyle tune-up? Is stress depleting your reserves and you would like to put your life back in balance?
Health is not just the absence of disease. According to the World Health Organization, health is a condition of optimal well-being. Modern day stresses, seasonal changes, and life changes affect each and every one of us differently. Karen listens and works with you to create an individual approach to nutrition, cooking and lifestyle which leads to increased well-being that lasts.
She focuses on providing education and knowledge so you have the information and tools you need to take control of your health, offering tailored eating plans so you can create healthy meals for yourself and your family, and integrating sensible nutritional supplements, minerals, herbs, teas and lifestyle changes seamlessly into your existing routine. Ask yourself:
Would you like to develop a “put yourself first”, “permission to pause” approach to life, after years of caring for others?
Do you want to feel more vital, balanced and have higher energy levels each day?
Do you want to be able to navigate the normal storms of life with more balance and grace?
Are you taking more supplements than you would like and are ready to simplify?
Have you received medical diagnoses that confuse you or leave you feeling powerless over your own health? Take your power back with education.

Karen Tyson has her MS in Nutrition, Ayurveda Certification from Kripalu in Lenox, MA, and Herbal Certification from Herbalist and Alchemist David Winston. As your nutritionist, herbalist and Ayurvedic consultant, she offers increased balance, reduced stress, and immune strength for transitioning between the annual seasons and stages of life.
If you haven’t been feeling your best or want to ensure that you start the upcoming season strong and healthy, book a consult. Karen would love to help.  Your consultation can be in-person or on the phone. You will receive a personalized strategy including food, lifestyle, supplements, and herbs that will simplify, harmonize and energize your life with tools that can help you reduce stress, improve your moods, crave healthier foods, and calm the mind.
 Take back control over your health. Age gracefully. With the rising costs of medical care, prevention is the best medicine for a healthy future.
Cost for a one-hour consult (preferably in person but can be done over the phone), with follow-up notes $50.00.
Cost of one-hour consult, please tea or tincture developed specifically for your needs $65.00.
Karen would be honored to work with you.
For more information, contact:
Karen Tyson, MS, CH
E-mail passifloratearoom@gmail.com to ask about scheduling an appointment. 
Karen sees clients on Monday evenings, Tuesday afternoons and Saturday afternoons. Or, at another time that is mutually convenient. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Seasonal Eating: An important common-sense approach to vital health 

Time to embrace the “going inward” of winter. Time to nurture yourself.

The weather, even though unseasonably warm, is nevertheless cool and windy. To stay balanced, focus on foods and activities that are warm, moist, heavy and oily.  

Adapted From Dr. John Douillard, the author of The Three-Season Diet: 

Balancing food choices are soups, nuts, warm grains and other high fat (think avocados or coconut milk) and high protein foods (think,  curried chick peas or Tuscan white bean soup or three-bean chili). When preparing your meals or ordering at a restaurant, ask yourself, “How can I make this meal more warm, moist, heavy and/or oily?” A little extra drizzle of olive oil on your salad and veggies;  a bit of avocado mixed into your local, cage-free eggs, prepared with ghee or organic butter; a bit of full fat coconut milk whipped and drizzled on your oatmeal/quinoa prepared with cinnamon for breakfast .


Balancing activities could be enjoying a steam sauna, a nice sweaty workout session at the gym, warm oil self-massage (abhyanga), hot yoga, or a hot bath. It's also very important to balance vata, the windy cool nature of winter, by keeping your head covered and warm during these winter months.


We give you permission to look at the “permission to pause” rest and give yourself more time to go inward. Slow walks in the woods being present, curling up with the poetry, reflecting on the past year by journaling and organizing photos, more time sipping tea with friends or family!


This month is our first step in aligning our desires with the foods that nature has provided in season for thousands of years. New research suggests that our gut microbes are meant to change seasonally with the foods we eat. Seasonal microbes optimize digestion, mood and immunity – the way nature intended! Winter’s seasonal microbes are found in high quality dairy, fermented foods such as sauerkraut or , and root vegetables that our slow cooked in our ovens with nourishing oils, such as ghee or coconut oil.


Now is not the time to do a dietary cleanse that is harsh.  Eliminating processed foods and eating no sugar is always a good idea, but now is not the time for lots of raw greens. Be gentle on yourself.


A key herbal support to excellent whole-food seasonal nutrition is Ashwagandha. We love Ashwagandha (also Called Winter Cherry or Indian Ginseng), particularly in Winter.  It  is a warm, heavy, sweet root harvested in the fall for winter immunity, strength and stamina. Accordingly to Dr. Douillard: Ashwagandha helps the body adapt to stress without unwanted stimulation, and in fact also supports natural sleep cycles by helping the body to maintain adequate energy levels to calm itself down and sleep restfully. In the daytime, it helps support the immune system and musculoskeletal systems, both of which may be negatively impacted by stress. If you would like us to order you some Organic Ashwagandha capsules, just e-mail us at passifloratearoom@gmail.com.